Since our founding in 1995, Right at Home has made it our mission “to improve the quality of life of those we serve.” While we have developed a successful and profitable business model delivering home care, home health, and respite care, Right at Home is not just a franchising company. We are, first and foremost, a senior care organization. We commit to differentiating ourselves from our many global competitors by creating an unmatched client and employee experience, by offering premium senior care services, and by providing all of our Master Licensees with a supported and repeatedly tested model for success in the home care industry.


Once in a while, extraordinary business opportunities present themselves. We ardently believe that Right at Home is such a business opportunity. Currently, 8% of the world’s population is 60 years or older. That percentage is expected to increase to 10.7% by 2025, and to 16.7% by 2050. 40 years from now, there will be two billion people over the age of 60 on the planet (compared with 700 million in 2010). This is our ever growing consumer base.

This unprecedented business opportunity in our senior home care industry comes from the divergence of this aging of the population, in addition to several other demographic factors:

  • Declining fertility rates, resulting in fewer family members to provide elder care;
  • An increasingly mobile workforce, creating distance between aging relatives and family;
  • A higher percentage of women (typically the traditional family care providers) in the workforce;
  • Government policy changes that prioritize home care over institutionalization; and
  • Medical and healthcare advances resulting in more people living longer with chronic diseases.